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First Announcement of IWIC-VIII
June, 11-16 2018

The upcoming International Workshop on Ice caves (IWIC-VIII) will be held in Picos de

Europa National Park (Spain) from June 11-16, 2018. The meeting promotes
dissemination of the latest scientific advances and encourages dialogue and
collaboration between researchers interested in all aspects of ice caves. The
conference language is English. The workshop is sponsored by the Glacier, Firn and

Ice Caves Commission of the International Union of Speleology (UIS) and organized by

the University of Valladolid (PANGEA research group, Geography Department). For
fourteen years the workshop is held every two years, and previously has been
celebrated in Cluj-Napoca (Romania, 2004), Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia, 2006),
Russia (2008), Obertraum (Austria, 2010), Grigna-Milan (Italy, 2012), Idaho Falls
(USA) and Postojna (Slovenia, 2016).

The workshops on Ice Caves are a nice opportunity for the exchange of ideas and
advances in research on ice caves. The objective is to establish contacts and links
between researchers during the IWIC, examining the state of the art, the applied
techniques to research on ice caves and the study of specific cases, with special
emphasis on promoting international cooperation. During the workshop the scientific
sessions alternate with visits to ice caves in Picos de Europa and karst environments in
the coastal and the Cantabrian Mountains, northern Spain.
A 1st circular with the scientific program will be available in November 2017. Plenary,
concurrent and poster sessions will be held on all topics concern to ice caves.
Participation of young researchers is strongly encouraged, and reduced registration
rates are available for students and fellows.
The Organizing Committee is working to provide attendees not only with a top scientific
program, but also with field activities that allow you to enjoy the Picos de Europa. We
are looking forward to welcoming you in IWIC-VIII. Your attendance will contribute to
the fruitful exchange of scientific ideas and help to forge new friendships and future
collaborations. We are sure that your participation in the conference and your
experience in the Picos de Europa National Park will be scientifically rewarding, highly
enjoyable and truly unforgettable.
The organizing Committee

- PANGEA-UVa, Natural Heritage and Applied Geography Research Group, University
of Valladolid. Department of Geography-UVa
- CES Alpha (Center for Speleological Exploration Alfa, Madrid)
- Glacier, Firn, and Ice Caves Commission of the International Union of Speleology
Enrique Serrano (DGUVA, PANGEA-UVA) Alfonso Pisabarro (DGUVA, PANGEA-UVA)
Manuel Gómez Lende (PANGEA-UVA) Javier Sánchez Benítez (CES ALFA)
Luis Jordá Bordehore (IGME) María José González Amuchastegui (UPV)
María González García (PANGEA-UVA) Rafael Jordá Bordehore (Geólogos sin Fronteras)
Contact: pisabarro@fyl.uva.es / serranoe@fyl.uva.es
June 11th to 16th 2018
First Circular: November 2017
Registration with reduced rate: until February 1st. 2018
Submission of abstracts: until March 1st. 2018
Acceptance of abstracts: March 15. 2018
Second circular: April 1st. 2018
Registration with full rate: until May 30. 2018
Opening of the Workshop: June 11.
Picos de Europa National Park is located in the north of Spain between the Cantabria,
Asturias and Castilla y León Autonomic Communities. It can be conveniently reached
by plain from Oviedo (150 km), Santander (100 km) and Bilbao (180 Km) airports and
by bus or car. The National Park is ideally located for field trips to several ice caves.
PLANNED ACTIVITIES (more information in First Circular)
Scientific lectures
Scientific sessions
Field trips - Asturian litoral karst.
- El Soplao tourist cave. Speleological special visit.
- Picos de Europa National Park: Karst, glacial landforms geology,
gemorphology and landscape.
- Castil ice cave and high mountain karst, geomorphology and landscape.
- Ice caves (Altaiz) and Las Gramas Mines.

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